Meet Courtney

Posted by Sandra Sweet on Dec 20, 2017 4:18:57 PM

I got my first pair of glasses in the sixth grade. I loved those gold-rimmed beauties, until someone told me that I had the same glasses as Santa Claus. It was middle school when I finally got contacts, and by high school, I had embraced my nerdy identity.


Office Manager & Surgical Patient ServicesLASIK Patient - September of 2017
 In 2017, I started working at Indiana LASIK Centers. I help patients gather information about LASIK and assist them in making an informed decision on consultation day. Surgery days are my favorite! I love seeing how excited our patients are, helping calm their nerves, and getting them pumped for the life changing experience they are about to experience. 

Why LASIK was the right decision for me:
I enjoyed glasses, as an accessory, but I hated the hassle that came with them. Shortly after I graduated high school, contacts started giving me ocular migraines. Therefore, I could only wear contacts when they were absolutely essential and for only a short period of time. I liked wearing glasses. What I didn’t like, was not being able to see without them. When I lived alone, forgetting where I put my glasses was a common thing. I’d stumble around checking all the places I could’ve left them: on the back of the couch, the kitchen counter, the nightstand. After taking a job at Indiana LASIK Centers, it wasn’t long before I became very envious of our patients, which is what led me to get LASIK myself.  IT CHANGED MY LIFE!  The morning after my LASIK procedure I was so grateful, because for the first time in my life, I woke up and I could see!

  • Save money – My toddler loved to rip my glasses off my face. In doing so, they got stretched out and scratched. When I would get a new pair, the same thing would happen.
  • No foggy glasses – No problems going from the cold winter air to the heat of the house!
  • Swimming/Beach– I LOVE swimming. No more not being able to see, worrying if someone is going to not see your glasses on the edge of the pool or under your towel, and no more contacts folding up and falling out! Going to the beach is so easy now!
  • Night Vision Being able to glance over and see the alarm clock clearly without glasses keeps me from oversleeping (most days).
  • Outdoor living– I love camping! Camping is easier when you don’t have to deal with contact lenses. Especially if there are no places to wash your hands.
  • Peace of mind If there is a fire at night or someone broke in, I won’t be searching for glasses in the middle of the night. If I’m stranded somewhere, I don’t need to worry about how many hours I’ve been wearing contact lenses.
  • Sunny days– I can finally wear sunglasses! 
  • Family– The best reason of all for me is that I can play with my daughter now without constantly pushing my glasses up or having them fall off.