Why You Should Have LASIK This Summer

Posted by Kara Teel on Jul 13, 2018 10:04:06 AM

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Are you a candidate for LASIK surgery? If you have been considering this procedure, now is the time to schedule your surgery and enjoy the rest of the summer with clear vision!

In the Midwest, life changes completely in the summer. It's more difficult to get outdoors during the cold months because of the ice cold weather and snow we experience. During the summer, Indiana comes alive with lake dwellers, bicyclists, swimmers, and more. The outdoors is our haven from April to October.


Being more active in the summer during the hot months can be hindered by having blurry vision. It's impossible to swim with glasses and the sweat that accumulates after yard work can cause red marks and indents on your nose and ears that are uncomfortable. These, among others, are great reasons to schedule your LASIK procedure this summer.

Are you heading out on a road trip before fall arrives? Vacations require packing and being able to leave out the glasses, cases, contacts, contact solution, etc. that typically go into your duffel bag can be a major convenience for your life in general. It doesn't hurt that you will be able to wake up and enjoy the views you traveled to see without having to put on a pair of glasses!

Okay outdoor enthusiasts! We offer free consultations, so if you've been thinking about LASIK, schedule online today! We're located in both Fort Wayne and South Bend/Mishawaka.